Ucradle vegan Shampoo Bar

Ucradle Shampoo Bar, Natural Hair Vegan Shampoo Bar

05/09/2020 Off By Hippy Chick
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Ucradle Shampoo Bar, Natural Vegan Shampoo Bar

Rich and delicate foam, deep cleaning power, effective oil control and dandruff removal, feel the soft, silky strands and no need for conditioner .Also comes in an aluminium tin, so you can put it away when you finish washing .Comes in various plant essences .

Natural Vegan Shampoo Bar: Fine & pure ingredients nourish, plants ingredients and no harsh detergents chemicals, without stripping your head’s natural oils. The Ucradle soap bar is suitable for the whole family,including  children, and babies.Hair cleaning for dry & damaged hair. Feel the difference .

£7.99 2 Pack