Staying Healthy While Living Vegan

17/10/2020 Off By Hippy Chick
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A totally vegan diet does have major health benefits and benefits for the environment too ,but If your thinking of turning to a vegan lifestyle theres a few things to keep in mind that you could be lacking in your food compared to a meat eaters diet .Vitamin B12 for example is in abundance in meat but you will need to supplement this essential vitamin by consuming more non-dairy milks and wholegrain breakfast cereals than a meat eating diet would need .Also eating yeast extracts such as Marmite will also help with your B12 intake .You will need to plan your new diet if you wish to avoid missing out on iron, calcium and iodine. Green leafy vegetables,cereals, pulses and dried fruit should provide the iron. Also choosing to add non-dairy milk will add the extra calcium your body will need to keep healthy .