Make your Own Vegan Body Butter And Lip Balm

Make your Own Vegan Body Butter And Lip Balm

07/09/2020 Off By Hippy Chick
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Lip Balm Kit/Gift Set/Craft kit vegan friendly ,cruelty gtrr and ethical, natural ingredients for skincare.

The Body Butter & Lip Balm  kit gives you the confidence to keep making your own Lip Balms and Body Butters. Also helping to save money and cut down on your plastic waste. Options are provided in the recipes provided  add Aromatherapy oils to the Lip Balm and Body Butter. It is great activity to do with children ..

For vegan skincare as no beeswax is used . Enough ingredients .to make 2 x 50g Body butters and 2 x 15g Lip Balms .Fragrance free .

natural product that anyone can make body butter and lip balm with this kit. Ideal  Christmas presents for anyone who wants to start creating their own vegan friendly make up products.


The body butter and lip balm kit kit contains

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (fruit oil, nut allergy free)
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • 2 x 50g tins for Body Butter
  • 2 x15g for Lip Balm
  • 4 x round labels
  • 2 wooden stirrers
  • Easy to follow Recipe cards